How to use SMSMonkey?

Using this app is so incredibly simple that even a monkey can use it! It's really as simple as sending an ordinary SMS - but endless times more fun!
Once you've done the right thing and downloaded the app, all you need to do is:

  • Select a "From" user from the list of approved users. This is the name that will appear when your "victim" receives your message.
  • Once you select the "From" user, the app will offer you a predefined template messages to send. You can choose the template as it is, modify it to your needs, or even ignore it and write your own message!
  • During this process, you will be guided by your very own SMS monkey who will give tips and help you correct errors. All you need to do is buy the banana at the bottom of the screen, which makes the monkey happy and then send off your joke!

As you send more jokes, at certain stages you will rise up the monkey hierarchy and also you will be rewarded with free bananas from time to time to use for more jokes! Who knows, one day you might become the Monkey King :)
Oh.. And yes, you have to verify your identity before joking for all the legal humans to be happy. When you download the app in your iPhone, click the verify button which will open up your SMS editor with the verification code in it. Just click send and you will be verified in monkey jump time! So as you can see, the app really is so easy that even a monkey could use it!